4-6 April 2018

Buyant Ukhaa Sport Palace
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Зочны булан / Land service

Land service

For visitor service, accommodation, transportation, visa, translator and other related services please contact with Steppe Nomad Travel & Tours, an official travel agency of Mongolia Mining expo.

Steppe Nomad Travel & Tours
Look Mongolia Building, Chinggis Khaan Avenue 98
Ulaanbaatar 17032, Mongolia
E-mail: sales@lookmongolia.com

SIXT exclusive car rental company the official transportation partner of Mongolia Mining 2016!

We are a leading global vehicle rental company. For us first class rental service is standard. Our customers can easily choose the rental car through this website. No matter which type of car you want to have - you can rent it with a few clicks. The Sixt rental car pool offers a wide range of impressive SUVs and elegant limousines to satisfy every customer.

Please make your booking e-mail to reservation@sixt.mn

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